Majid Al-Keduany / Khaled Abu Naja / Horreyya Farghali

Ahmed Abdullah

Decor tells the story of Sherif (Khaled Abol Naga) and Mustafa (Maged El Kedwany), each of whom represents a world pulling Maha (Horeya Farghaly), who has always been passionate about film and who, as a set designer, has become an expert at creating imaginary worlds. Under immense pressure at work, Maha sights another life on the horizon and begins slipping between realities-one resembling the film set she's designed and the other her supposed real life. As Maha grows ever more entangled in each, the border between the real and imagined becomes blurred. Maha walks a fine line between her parallel lives, and must decide for the first time what she truly desires.
( 7 Cinemas )