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from 7:00pm to 12:00am

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150 L.E

Place :
Ahram Canadian University

Address :
Ahram Canadian University

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Every egyptian has a story, a story of success, a story of his love, a story for the struggle of his talent, and every story has its original soundtrack, from the actual beginning of his adolescence till his mid-life. Each has his own taste of music and musicians in his soundtracks. All but one musician, a musician who nobody liked in the beginning of his career, but eventually he was included in each egyptian's life soundtrack. And as for welcoming the newcomers, Ahram Canadian University is hosting the Mega-star Mohamed Mounir in Novermber 13 Organized by HiWave and the ACU Student Union, Entry of the attendees will be starting from 3:00 PM, awaiting the King's arrival on the stage  
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